GS10 Bracing Kit


Cable Size: 5/64″

Cable Description: Break strength certified, pre-stretched Gripple Seismic cable; Manufactured to ASTM A1023, ASTM A931.

Design Strength (LRFD): 350 lbs
GS10 Product Codes 2_13



























GRIPPLE SEISMIC bracing systems should only be used in conjunction with threaded rod at required seismic bracing points.

NEVER EXCEED THE MAXIMUM LOAD OF THE PRODUCT. During installation, take slack out of assembly by hand, pulling the tail end of the cable.

COMPLIANCE WITH LOCAL CODES and, where applicable, NATIONAL CODES are the buyer’s and/or installer’s responsibility.

INTEGRITY OF THE BUILDING STRUCTURE to which Gripple Seismic Bracing Systems are attached is the responsibility of the installer and/or specifying engineer.

DO NOT APPLY LUBRICANT to any part of the assembly.

DO NOT USE FOR HOISTING, such as in a crane or pulley situation.

DO NOT JOIN TWO CABLE ASSEMBLIES TOGETHER, i.e. using the Gripple fasteners as a splice.

NOT recommended for use in chlorinated environments.