Engineering Services

Engineering DrawingsGripple provides Seismic Solutions.  This includes not only the cable bracing and vibration isolation products, but the Engineering as well.

Ensuring that expected earthquake design performance objectives are met not only reduces the risk or damage to the nonstructural components itself, but also reduces the risk or damage of adjacent or closely located items from
falling, overturning, swinging and impacting, leaking, etc. In addition, proper engineering reduces the life-safety risk to building occupants and, for critical facilities, provides the operability assurances necessary for Immediate Occupancy.  “Critical facilities” would include hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and other such facilities.

The complex and technical nature of seismic bracing requirements, industry regulations, and life-safety issues necessitates a partner like Gripple, who can evaluate your project to determine its seismic and/or Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (AT/FP) needs and requirements based on specific codes for the project and that particular geographic location. Gripple can offer you assurances with complete beginning-to-end seismic engineering services, such as:

PE Stamped Drawings

  • Engineered seismic bracing calculations and details based upon drawings/plans provided.
  • PE stamped layout drawings for each service noting the proper location of Gripple Seismic Cable Bracing and/or Vibration Isolation products (spring mounts, pads, isolators, hangers), per the scope of the project.

BIM Modeling and Clash Detection

  • Provided as required by design scope. Includes 2D, 3D AutoCAD, and/or REVIT.

Coordination and Site Reviews

  • With licensed Engineer and Gripple representative to ensure proper installation of seismic bracing / vibration isolation products.

Budget Estimating

  • Project quotes for engineering services and products are all-inclusive and will not increase after the pre-engineering evaluation.
  • We work with you to provide a base number you can work into your budget and count on, that does not change once the project quote has been agreed upon.

Bracing & Isolation Products

  • We’ll provide you with the appropriate quantity of complete Gripple® Seismic Cable Brace Assembly kits and/or Vibration Isolation products, per Engineer’s calculations for the required services.

Gripple has a wealth of experience, talents, and resources to be able to provide you with a complete Seismic Solution.  Contact your local Gripple Territory Manager for assistance, or information regarding any of the Engineering services we provide, and to ensure that your seismic bracing job is up to spec.