Vibration Management Accessories

Expansion Joints
Serve to reduce noise and vibration transmission as well as eliminate stress due to thermal expansion and piping misalignment. Made with corrosion-resistant materials, and can be easily installed in the field.

Rubber Bellow Type Expansion Joints:
• Precision molded of synthetic rubber; synthetic fiber reinforcement
• Union/Screwed Connection: threading standard as per customer specifications (NPT, BSPT)
• Flanged Connection: floating flanges drilling standards as per customer specifications (ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS)
• Applicable fluids for standard construction: water (cold, hot, or sea), weak acids, alkalis, compressed air, etc.
• Different elastomers available for other fluids (i.e. oil)
• Single and twin bellow models available
• Stainless Steel Bellow Type Expansion Joints
• Vibration absorption and piping misalignment correction
• Engineered below design ensures equal stress distribution through entire length
• Threaded connection and flanged connection models available

Floating Floors / Air Mounts / Bases / Rails

Floating Floors:
• Controls airborne sound transmissions when the standard structural floor is not sufficient to prevent noise from
mechanical rooms from passing into noise-sensitive areas above or below it
• Form-work floating floor construction accommodates thicker floating floors with correct isolator selection, and offers
a fiberglass infill which, in addition to preventing a sound tunneling effect, provides extra transmission loss
Air Mounts
• Air-cushioned isolation, low natural frequency, high deflection, and high lateral stability
• Neoprene padded top and bottom base and heavy wall construction
• Combined resiliency and air prevents drift or permanent set
Inertia Bases
• For use in supporting mechanical equipment requiring a reinforced concrete inertia base
• Specifically designed and engineered to receive poured concrete
Roof Curb Isolation Rails
• Designed and engineered as a vibration control system for curb mounted equipment installed on the roof
• Lightweight and weatherproof