Manufacturing Facility Projects

Caterpillar Plant – Little Rock, AR
Services Braced: Busduct
Year of Completion: 2010
Caterpillar Job Photos

Abbot Vascular – Barceloneta, Puerto Rico
Services Braced: Duct
Year of Completion: 2012

Anchorage Sport Fish Hatchery – Anchorage, AK
Services Braced: Process Piping: PVC Water Pipe, Heat Piping, Rain Leader Piping, Larger Plumbing Vent Pipe, Fiberglass Ladder Tray, Feed Selectors
Year of Completion: 2010

Boeing 737 – Renton, WA
Services Braced: Duct, Pipe Work
Year of Completion: 2013

Dupont Febreze Manufacturing Facility – Santa Clara, CA
Services Braced: Cable Tray
Year of Completion: 2011

Elliott Bay Brewery – Seattle, WA
Services Braced: Spiral Ductwork, Fan Coil Units, Equipment
Year of Completion: 2011

EnerG2 – Albany, OR
Services Braced: Spiral & Rectangular Ductwork, Fan Coil Units, Equipment
Year of Completion: 2011

Global Foundries – Malta, NY

Intel – Chandler, AZ
Services Braced: HVAC, Pipework, Electrical
Year of Completion: 2012

Kruger Paper – Cornwall, ON
Services Braced: Mechanical
Year of Completion: 2011

Pall Corporation – Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Services Braced: Plumbing; chilled hot water pipe
Year of Completion: 2014

Monroe Waste Water Treatment Plant, Phase III – Monroe, WA
Services Braced: Equipment
Year of Completion: 2012

Tillamook County Creamery – Tillamook, OR
Services Braced: Ductwork, Pipework
Year of Completion: 2011

Warner Chillcott – Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Services Braced: Other – bottling machinery
Year of Completion: 2012