About Us

INC-Exterior-01The original GrippleTM joiner and tensioner originated in 1984 as a solution for joining and tensioning fence wires in farms and vineyards.  This innovation led to emphatic change in the construction industry as well when, over the course of  the 1990s, Gripple modified their product and developed cable hangers as a quick & easy method of suspending HVAC, mechanical, lighting, electrical, and plumbing services.  This offered a huge time-saving advantage over traditional hanging methods such as threaded rod.  Driven by a solution-oriented attitude and determination to innovate, the product range has expanded to thousands, offering customers a vast array of revolutionary suspension methods to choose from.

Most recently, Gripple launched its separate and distinct product line of GrippleTM Seismic Cable Bracing Systems, specifically for bracing and securing nonstructural equipment and components that are suspended with non-cable hanger methods, primarily threaded rod.  Our completely pre-engineered systems require no tools to install or field swaging of cables on-site.  Specific load-rated kit sizes and various end fittings and brackets provide an array of versatile bracing solutions. Gripple is also a provider of vibration management products such as spring mounts, vibration isolation pads, rubber isolators, spring hangers, and associated accessories.

Not only have Gripple’s versatile products brought speed, improved site safety, and best practice efficiency savings to the installation process, the company also prides itself on providing custom solutions and fast delivery.  Furthermore, on-site consultations, engineering, and technical support are always available, and Gripple continually strives to provide the best solutions for specific needs.  As a result, Gripple’s capabilities are now recognized, admired, and trusted worldwide.

Gripple Inc. serves North America from its manufacturing facility in Aurora, IL in the far western suburbs of Chicago.  Gripple Inc. is the North American division of award-winning Gripple Ltd. of Sheffield, England.